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  1. Database: Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris (CHAP) | Late Antique Historiography
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The book that tells the history of the greatest victory, the victory of the spirit and the might of the Jewish people — the Book of the Hasmoneans. It should be noted that Bialik was not referring to what we call today the Book of Maccabees, which is part of the Apocrypha, originally written in Greek.

King Antiochus 167 BCE

These books are written in a relatively lengthy and clumsy style, and of the four books only the first two deal with the activities of Mattathias the Hasmonean and his sons in general, and of Judah the Maccabee in particular. Neither the holiday of Hanukkah nor the name Hasmonean are mentioned in this story, and it is entirely shrouded in mystery.

Hence it became customary to read the Book of Judith on Hanukkah, and its contents also worked their way into the legends of Hanukkah, the edicts of Holofernes becoming melded with the edicts of Antiochus.

Various books from the Middle Ages were found to contain allusions to the existence of such a scroll, but it is not clear whether it was written in Hebrew or some other language. Today we have an Aramaic and Hebrew version of a scroll which goes by several names: the Scroll of Antiochus, or the Scroll of the Hasmoneans, or the Scroll of Hanukkah, and sometimes the Greek Scroll.

It is found mainly in manuscript form and in Yemenite prayer books. The Book of Judith is of unknown authorship and date, but formed part of the Septuagint , the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, and celebrated the saving feats of a pious Jewish widow over a foreign king, Nebuchadnezzar, and his invading army. Although the Book of Judith was never included in the Tanakh, some medieval rabbis referred to the story in their commentaries and rulings.

Against Jerusalem let us march at once. Let us make war upon them so that the name of Israel shall be no more!

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Database: Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris (CHAP) | Late Antique Historiography

In short, the story tells us of a time in Jewish history when the leadership of Israel was prepared to surrender Jerusalem to the Greek-Syrian forces of the Seleucid Empire. Feigning defection to the enemy camp, she adorned herself with golden robes, precious stones, rings and bracelets, and scented her body with perfume.

Judith returned to the Hebrews, where she victoriously presented the severed head. Judith then commanded the people of Israel to attack. According to this legend, it is the courage and faithfulness of Judith that initiated the devastating Jewish victory over the Greeks. Their leaders fled, and the Israelites became rich from the spoils of war.

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For three months Israel held celebrations in honor of Judith. For the rest of her life, and for many years after her death, no attempts were made to subjugate the Jewish people and the land of Israel remained tranquil.

Ein Od Milvado

Megillat Antiochus also known as Megillat Hanukkah, Megillat Yavanit, and Megillat Hashmonaim describes the Maccabean revolt, the central episode commemorated in the holiday of Hanukkah. Like the story of Judith, modern scholars question the events described in Megillat Antiochus. The first known printed version of the text in Hebrew appeared in in Salonica, then part of the Ottoman Empire, and from there, entered Ladino translations.

Megillat Antiochus too begins with a Greek king who conquers and destroys many cities. Their religion is so different from ours and they refuse to follow the rulings that we have passed. They blatantly proclaim to be the chosen among the nations and they await the destruction of all peoples…It is not right that I should tolerate such an evil people to exist, and the time has come to make an end of them; let us wipe them off the face of the earth, so that their name will never again be heard in the world.

To overcome them, however, our first step must be to prohibit three of their commandments: Sabbath observance, the use of the Jewish calendar, and circumcision. In one of the most devastating scenes, going well beyond the goal of prohibiting the Hebrews from observing their commandments, a Greek soldier seizes the granddaughter of the High Priest of the Temple in Jerusalem.


Before the eyes of her husband, the soldier rapes her on top of Torah scroll, which the soldier has spread beneath them. In another instance of martyrdom, Jewish families hide in a cave rather than perform labor on the Sabbath, as decreed by the Greeks. But we do possess such a source for those events—the First Book of Maccabees, which was written in Hebrew in the Land of Israel by an eyewitness to the events described therein.

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  5. We should adopt this beautiful custom and begin to read those chapters in public every year on the Shabbat of Hanukkah after the Haftarah. Excerpted with permission from the website of the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. Falls in the Hebrew month of Kislev, which usually corresponds with December.

    The Scroll of Antiochus

    Slang: a long and tedious story or explanation. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. The Scroll The answer is that, in truth, there is such a scroll that was read in private or in public between the ninth and 20th centuries. A Scroll for Today It would seem that there is no point in reviving the specific custom of reading the Scroll of Antiochus in public, because that work is legendary in nature and not a reliable source for the events of Hanukkah.

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