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  1. Rainbow – Sponsored By Shelly Spalding & Wendy Kidd – Awaiting a Forever Home
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  3. Rainbow Equine Hospital in warning over obesity in horses
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Many local schools have children and young people with these issues and would like to send groups to us to work with the horses but are unable to transport the children as we are in a rural location which is a valuable part of what we offer: peaceful surroundings. The minibus would allow groups of children from local schools to come for a day or half day and spend time with the horses and other animals. Recent research is showing that Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Facilitated Therapy are valuable approaches for working with vulnerable groups. Children with autism have a different communication style and this can make them vulnerable to bullying and unhealthy friendships.

They often also struggle with anxiety and can find the school environment very challenging to cope with. Children with attachment issues also find friendships and other relationships problematic and often present with challenging behaviour due to their low self-esteem and difficult feelings that they are managing.

Rainbow – Sponsored By Shelly Spalding & Wendy Kidd – Awaiting a Forever Home

Children who have experienced trauma have similar needs and are easily triggered into a fearful state that they often mask by behaving in ways that others find challenging. Working with horses in a relational way as we do helps children and young people become more confident, have a higher self-esteem, improve their communication skills, develop empathy, increase their understanding of relationships and social skills, learn strategies to support them with their anxiety and helps them to manage their own behaviour.

We have a herd of horses who live out together. Please note last minute changes and cancellations may occur due to weather and tide conditions.

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Swimming Ride. Your Experience The Swimming Ride is only open to experienced riders as we take the horse for a ride into the ocean, where both horse and rider can enjoy the beautiful waters of Rainbow beach.

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  2. Swimming Horse Ride at Rainbow Beach.
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This ride is only available to experienced riders, as it is conducted bareback no saddles. Age Guests from 10 years unless experienced riders and over. Weight Limits We strictly follow the industry standard of 95 kg weight limit for our horse safety and guest comfort. Duration and Meeting Time Approximately 90 minutes actual ride time. What to Wear Whatever you feel most comfortable wearing, any swim wear or sports clothing is perfect, as you will be getting wet.

See a list of everyone who owns Brave Purple. Secret Rainbow is one of the Horses of the Rainbow.

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Rainbow Equine Hospital in warning over obesity in horses

You will obtain Secret Rainbow if you groom the other 7 Horses of the Rainbow on a day when the in-game weather is changeable. Players can only give birth to one Secret Rainbow each.

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See a list of everyone who owns Secret Rainbow. Charming Red.

Rainbow Horses | Children's Puzzles | Jigsaw Puzzles | Products | ca_en | Rainbow Horses

Earn double energy from stroking your horses on Mondays. Cool Carrot. Earn double energy from carrots on Tuesdays. Shiny Yellow. Energy consumption when training your horses' speed on Wednesdays is halved. Forest Green. Energy consumption when riding in a forest on Thursdays is halved.