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Manual mode and manual focus. No need for external remote control intervalometer. This is great for timelapses. I tend to go into the lotus position and meditate…or just go on twitter and fiddle with my iphone! I think we could make a parody. Philip have I done something to piss you off?

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Only seen your recent post which just approved. I mod everything and only delete rude comments. The SKY piece is incredible!!! How are you powering the 5D for your 24hr shots???

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Any heat issues??? Had a mains power supply. No overheating issues. Only took a photo every 15 seconds or so…. How did you do timelapse on your Canons? Were you just clicking away with a stopwatch, or did you have it patched into your laptop? Soundtrack was very fitting to this too, The Fountain was a visually beautiful film.

Canon 5D MkIII

WOW…Phil that was awesome, never seen Dubai look so majestic…makes me want to go out there and shoot some stuff by myself…Now if I can only get those permissions…. Oh, those poor shutters! I can only imagine how many exposures these videos take! Very nice as always! Fantastic as always.

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Quick question, for the day to night shots I know you use app. It seems like they start in daylight then go to incadecent. Or do you shift the color balance in post? How did you manage focus? Unfortunately that shot from Burj Khalifa was set to manual and being watched by my assistant.

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  5. Just awesome. I have a question about the GF1 and the GH1. Very beautiful piece.

    Meditative and tranquil to watch, even with all the activity of the cars and night time cranes. I love how taking away ambient sound and replacing it with a piece of music can just totally transform a visual experience. I was imagining that something like this might have been paired with an Arabic-techno track for a completely different effect.

    How to Do Everything with Photoshop Elements

    As it is, this is a touching memorial tribute. Very respectful. Thank you for sharing this! I recently acquired a 7D and have been blowing my mind with it, looking forward to buy a glidetrack and a viewfinder to improve my videos!! Sorry for the long comment, and thanks again for all the info you have been sharing on the web for all of us around the globe Cheers! Fine work my friend, all the best, JB Jr. Sometimes I will leave my camera with the intervalometer on so I am sure camera will focus on something differently each time especially objects are moving.

    Great time lapse shots and as always — beautifully edited together. You do have an exceptional feel for musical timing. I have on technical question. As far as I can tell, this plug-in adds motion blur to moving objects. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on all your journeys and learning endeavors. Just a question on the music — I know, a little off topic, but do you pay a fee to use a track like that or because it has no commercial use you can use it for free? Always credit the artist, never use for paid gigs, just personal projects like this little film and hopefully you will be ok.

    Most important thing… Always credit the artist! Some real WOW moments in this one. Did you manually take photos each 15 sec or is there an auto function or designed mechanism to shoot with 15 sec interval? Beautiful work Mr Bloom. The music and the graphic images work beautifully together. A very fitting piece to dedicate.

    32 Best Canon 70d images in | Photography , Photography tutorials, Photography classes

    Many thanks mate. Very moving piece. Beautiful combination of music and graphic footage. Nice work matey.

    Publisher Description

    Your sky video is one of my favorites. How were you able to zoom in while timelapsing? Was that done in post? Any response would help. As someone based in and bored with Dubai… its so nice to see some truly fresh work…. How do you set your exposure for a time lapse scene when the sun is coming up or going down?

    EOS 7D On-Camera Tutorial: Image Quality Options (3 of 5)

    The light is constantly changing? This is one amazing video. The music is quite dramatic, but these images match the mood perfectly. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. The shadows overtaking the swimming pool from the birds eye view is genius and tilt shift lens. One word, Stunning! About how long and how much time in between each frame?