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The first thing I saw was my mouth.

I moved it and succeeded in contemplating my nose. My anxiety made me handle the shining piece of metal a little carelessly, and the next thing I saw were the roots of my hair.

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A slight movement, and now I could see my eyes, deformed by the curvature of the mouthpiece. Dear God! Now I really was identical in every way to that accursed blacksmith. I spent a long while sitting on a stone, gazing from time to time at my face on the bit. My heart slowly filled with rage. It had all been prepared beforehand! My blood was thumping in my temples, while hate surged forcibly through me.

In the days that followed, I continued accepting his attention as if nothing was wrong. Meanwhile, I kept an eye on all his movements so I could work out the best time to carry out my revenge. On the few occasions we were face to face, I stared at his eye shamelessly.

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The blacksmith slept on a bed of straw next to the hearth and continued giving me the bed upstairs. The rage in my chest advanced at the same rate as my plans for killing him. That day, I selected a weapon from the smithy that struck me as most appropriate: a heavy, sharp chopping knife. I hid it under my clothes and managed to steal it upstairs. I then placed it under the mattress. I waited impatiently for night to come.

I felt no fear at the idea of committing a crime; actually, I could hardly wait for the moment to arrive. There was no trace of doubt or mercy inside my heart, just an overriding desire to deprive that demoniacal being of life. I was sure that, having done so, I would feel perfectly well, without the slightest hint of remorse. He went in and out of the smithy for no apparent reason. As usual, we barely said a word to each other. So I headed for the stairs and tucked myself into bed. From there, I could hear how he spread some straw on the floor in order to lie down. I waited long enough for the blacksmith to have fallen asleep and then got up.

The memory of his light sleep that had made him turn up beside my bed every time I moved encouraged me to stay still for a while, having got out of bed. I went downstairs, making as little noise as if I was walking on air. The door between the stairs and the kitchen was half closed. I pushed it gently, and it opened without making a sound. There he was, lying in front of the hearth. The bulk of his body was illuminated by the embers of the forge. He was facing the hearthstone, with his back to the room.

I crept up cautiously. Every step, I paused to see if my breathing was enough to wake him. After that, I was next to him. He was completely covered by a blanket. All you could see was the form of a man lying down. It was then that my brain was assailed by doubt. Making sure all your doors were locked and that you had a handgun nearby, you go to sleep. At am you hear a loud banging at your door. What would you do?

Read about the tragic consequences in the link below:. Mistakes were made by both Mr. Scott and the police. Those combined errors placed Mr. Scott in a position where the police had no other options but to shoot. It was a tragedy that could have been prevented. They were probably trying to use cover and concealment by hiding behind trees or bushes in front of the apartment.


Answer that knock! God is speaking…

What do you think that looks like to the homeowner who knows he has a murder suspect hiding from police in his neighborhood? A loud knock on the door in the middle of the night. He opens it up and sees one or more men hiding in the bushes. While Mr. As a cop, I understand this type of situation. You want to catch the murder suspect. It is hard for us Americans to really understand and draw a clear picture of what it was like to live under communism.

As much of a socialist as I am, I can state, after having read this and other books, that communism cannot ever work. This book was especially touching to me because half of it took place just miles from the villa in Szemes, I could envision everything so clearly and know that this was probably a similar experience to my great-grandparents'. For all you expat Huns and their descendents, please read this book, it will open your eyes!

Knocking In The Night - Your Ghost Stories

View 1 comment. Jul 24, Doris Powell rated it really liked it. This book takes place in Hungary under Communist rule. The Communists and their Hungarian cohorts were extremely cruel to the Hungarian people. In , the people revolted only to be put down cruelly by the Communists. The author Szabo lived during this time in Hungary. The title refers to the Communists knocking at people's doors in the middle of the night.

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  5. These people were then whisked away, many never to be seen again. The book was good, and Mr. Szabo really appreciates the democracy and fr This book takes place in Hungary under Communist rule. Szabo really appreciates the democracy and freedom he gained in our United States after he escaped the tyranny of the Communist government. Jul 10, Nikolett rated it it was amazing.

    "A Knock at Midnight"

    If you don't appreciate what democracy can give you, read this book. If you wanna know more about what it feels like living in a dictatorship, read this book. It's so I was overwhelmed by the end of it and I think I'll read it over and over and over again. To this book, Edward J. Pfeiffer's Child of communism is very, very similar. I strongly recommend it with this one to read. May 14, Dave Carter rated it really liked it. His book, while obviously written by someone who is intelligent yet not a native English speaker, was engaging and the story itself was riveting.

    It's an eye-opener, to say the least