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Rethinking The Alpha Male
  1. How to Be an Alpha Male: The 15 Habits of True Alphas
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Women love a guy who can make a decision and who is able to follow through on that decision. The guys respect him and the women all love him. He has that sexy smile and amazing walk! He has that energy that just makes people want to be around him.


Think James Bond if you need a visual example. Women love it when a guy is up front about wanting to sleep with them and actually make a move. The alpha male walks over to his target, and makes a sincere attempt at getting with her.

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The woman will either respond, and the alpha male will take action. This is why woman love a man that can handle them and calm them down. He knows he is charming and capable of getting another woman. Again to be a true alpha you have to first and foremost accept your faults and learn to better yourself.

When somebody tries to make fun of you with a snarky comment just ignore them and watch how silly they look. You have to learn to stand on your own at times and not rely on people for every little thing. Remember an alpha male learns his plan and his able to follow his plan into completion.

Spend time building people up and encouraging people and watch how much more people respect you and want to be around you. After I began bulking up, I noticed considerably less "crap" from other guys at bars and clubs. No more interrupting my conversations, bumping into me without apologizing, creeping on girls I had brought with me.

How to bulk up? I employed something I call the "prison workout. Like in a prison, this is a simple routine that could be performed in a cell or office cubicle, as the case may be , without the aid of an expensive personal trainer, posh gym membership, or any special equipment.

How to Be an Alpha Male: The 15 Habits of True Alphas

Also like in a prison, do this every day -- pretend that time is of the essence. If you were in prison, you'd want to bulk up as soon as possible to avoid problems with the other inmates, right? And eat more protein. Cut out all of the things that you know are bad for your metamorphosis into an alpha male: that means no more comfort foods.

Office cupcakes, Dunkin' Donuts, and milkshakes are all in your rearview mirror from now on.

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Financial: Most women are not strictly speaking gold-diggers, and most men don't really care how much you have in your brokerage account But all other things being equal, we'd all prefer to hang out with someone who is affluent over someone who pinches pennies. Cut your expenses until you reach a point where you can meet your obligations rent, car payment, etc. I don't know why this is the case, and its beyond the scope of this blog post, but people are very good at sensing financial anxiety in others -- if you're terrified you won't be able to make ends meet, potential business partners and potential mates can pick up on it.

An alpha male always knows he has enough. And if he doesn't, he does whatever it takes -- within reason -- to improve his financial standing.

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  5. Status: While I don't think you should define yourself solely by what you do, certain professions are off-limits for those serious about becoming alpha males -- and there are even some professions that can quicken the transformation from beta to alpha. I'm not saying you need to become a hedge fund manager or play for the Miami Heat, but you do need to eventually find a career that is congruent with your new goal to become alpha within your defined social group or city. If your job requires constant public supplication to others, it's a beta job. You cannot easily become a true alpha male if your 9 to 5 is working as a porter at a five-star hotel -- taking crap from snobby tourists all day -- or if you scrub feet at a day spa.

    Some service industry jobs are great for budding alphas, though: some of the most alpha guys I know work as bartenders, for example.

    Although you are responding to customer requests, you are also the "alpha" over a set domain -- your bar -- and few men will challenge your status or try to overtake you as the bartender! In summary, find a job that allows you to be an alpha male from time to time.

    How To Be An Alpha Male | Become A Leader | Manliness Mastery

    Emasculating jobs will eat at your soul, and it's impossible to go out at night acting alpha if you've spent all day in beta mode. This is part 1 of a 2 part article. Look for the second section on Outlaw early next week. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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