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Ardbeg and Ardbeg and a kind of Bonus
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Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from on location. Chris or Monica? Chris thought of it, but too late. NOW's policy on this scandal says, "Whereas" Navy aviators cornered women and "passed them down a gauntlet? Alex: You have to identify the actress. Be more specific. Le Corbusier Darcy's estate From Pride and Prejudice. It's out of the closet that he was in the closet with Nan Britton, a young flapper Warren G.

Most popular cities in Texas

The better, stronger, faster Col. Alfred E. Neuman's standard rhetorical query "What, me worry? The ancient pastime I'm practicing was said to improve coordination between these two body parts [After seeing Sarah's successful catch] Oh boy. Many space shuttle missions have taken U. This woman who spent six months on Mir in holds the U. Mike Hammer and Sledge Hammer!

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Yo-Yo Man, what's your most requested trick? Of wiggin, snood or hackle, the one that's the fleshy growth hanging down over a male turkey's beak They all sound pretty strange, don't they!

You have to tell us what word should be there. Alexander Pope:"A little Jeopardy! Very funny.

Whiskey - Spirits - Caskers

Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from on location. It's my favorite animal. We're talkin' about bovine, here. Alex: Audience, oh be quiet! I betcha if you went into your kitchen, you'd have some there. I'm in the Yankee Stadium section where, in , this man's third home run of World Series game six landed; all were hit on the first pitch Mr.

October, yes. It's a shade of brown, a type of nut or a nutty housekeeper hazel Also called the Sierra redwood, or just "the big tree", it once covered much of the Northern Hemisphere; now it's down to a few groves Be more specific. That word--the letters "E-N-D"--those letters--will come up in each correct repsonse.

Craft Spirits Database

Richard, select again. Nina or Tony? This show was not Art Linkletter. Linguistically, did ahoy enter the English language directly from sailors? Riley hit, "My mama socked it to" this junior high's P. I'm Jerome Bettis, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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That narrows it for Larry and Susan It's what we call a word that has the same meaning as another word Not talking about words that sound the same. Jefferson or G.

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It's slightly smaller than that moon. Way to go, David! In Germany is a stream called the Vonne.

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Andrew's Church in this Ukranian city stands on a site where St. Congratulations, well done. Boy, Craig, I'll tell you something. You must have gotten really ticked being in the hole for a good 2 or 3 clues, because you are relentless since then! The sheet I slit. Thomas S. I'm Paula Cale of Providence.

Yes, we'll accept that; it's a common pronunciation. Jabite, not Jacobin. Contreras lives downstairs from this Paretsky P. Navy pilot Lt. Alex: Hey Jim, sounds like Vegas! Perhaps I could have an assistant: Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome the one and only "Mr. Yo-Yo Man"! You can ride this city's Main St. O'Neill has been governor of Connecticut since she resigned because of illness Ella Grasso Let's see, I need gallons of OJ, 5, rolls of paper towels and 4 computers I'm off to this company, No. Go again. She argued 6 cases on women? Alex: Each correct response will have 4 of the letter "A" in it.

Anthony for a issue of this JFK Jr. Don't see that too often. Alex: The current wife, you have to identify her. Ghost 1. Go Home Dinosaurs! Go Mission: Space Travel Go! Anniversary Gold Rush! Gold Edition Guacamelee! Hello Neighbor Hellsinker. A Spy Story?!

Expected in Malt Maniacs #103 (among other things):

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! What the Hell?! EXE M. Academy Mighty Switch Force!