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By Janne J. Peterson identifies three basic value drivers of IT governance: service infrastructure, solution integration and strategic innovation.

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In service infrastructure, the value lies in IT operations and services that are delivered with maximum reliability and availability. It focuses on standardization Read More.. Categories : Enterprise IT , Governance.

Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex - eBook

Towards Business-IT Confluence. Information technology has traditionally been seen as mere "cost of doing business" that is "aligned" with business at best. As IT infrastructure has commoditized at operational levels and the business environment has become increasingly complex, however, the focus of IT Categories : Enterprise IT. What is your service strategy? With the frantic pace of business today, value propositions and respective business models are in constant flux.

During projects, inspect results and adapt accordingly. Review progress according to relevant business metrics. Track outcomes. Conduct regular retrospectives to identify project areas that met or exceeded their goals, and those that could be improved. The examples of two companies that disseminated lean-agile principles across their organizations illustrate the kinds of benefits others can expect.

Problem: Challenges included new energy options like solar and wind, stiff competition from new market players and new energy regulations giving customers more choice in providers. Solution: The energy company adopted agile across the enterprise with the goal of reducing time to market for new products to support frequently changing business priorities.

It increased its capability to develop fit-for-purpose solutions to compete in its market, and prepared for a major digital transformation. It made investments to improve collaboration, including redesigning the work floor, and strengthening the technology infrastructure to support distributed agile teams. It automated software development and operations activities using DevOps practices. Problem: Traditional project delivery methods were unable to meet business expectations for quality and timeliness.

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Functional silos dominated. Too many interdependencies among applications meant that software products depended on other software products to work—making them unreliable and inefficient. Solution: Reorganized the enterprise, transforming it into a business portfolio-based product organization. It switched to agile and Scaled Agile Framework delivery methods across all business lines.

Paying Tribute to Libraries - Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]

A technology refresh included infrastructure upgrades that supported automation, including DevOps. New work spaces were created to improve collaboration and agility for business stakeholders and development teams. Results: The retailer saw an eight-fold increase in annual product deployments. Lean-agile is a proven approach being adopted by all types of enterprises. For companies facing new competition, especially from non-traditional, digitally native companies, not pursuing lean-agile is not an option. When starting this journey, draw the vision for agility at an enterprise level.

Every company is unique, so, where to start and how to scale will be different for everyone.

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But prioritizing the need for speed is always the same. Then experiment, learn, and adapt.

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  5. Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex.
  6. And do not look for perfection; do not fear failure. In agile terms, failure is an opportunity to learn, refine, and improve the organization, and the result. Fail quickly. And then go fast. Scaled Agile Inc.

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